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If your tires have worn out, it’s important to head to a trusted car shop. A professional tire store should be able to properly inspect and test your tires to determine their current condition. Here at Wexford Street Automotive, LLC, we offer tire and tire rim repair and replacement services in the Needham, MA area. With our help, you can rest assured knowing your tires are safe to use. Call us today to schedule your service!

6 Signs You Need Tire Repair

  1. Your tire warning light is on 
  2. Low tire tread 
  3. Tire vibration 
  4. Wobbling 
  5. Odd noises 
  6. Lack of traction 

If you have noticed any of the following, you may need tire repair or replacement services. Give our tire shop a call today and schedule services with our professional! After inspecting your tires, we will let you know the conditions of your tire, rims, and whether you need replacements.  

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New tires offer a variety of benefits, such as increase the performance of your vehicle. If you’ve been putting off replacing your tires, get in touch with us today! One of our professionals will let you know if replacement is necessary.


We offer services for those in and around Needham, Newton, Wellesley, Westwood, and Dover.

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